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ADA - Cube Garden
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ADA - Cube Garden

The Cube Garden is a standard type tank for Nature Aquariums. Its transparency is higher than the previous models. Giving it a clearer and even more beautiful presentation of an aquascape. Produced by experienced craftsmen by hand....
Cube Garden 20-C (20x20x20cm/5mm) Cube Garden 30-C (30x30x30cm/5mm) Cube Garden 45-P (45x27x30cm/5mm) Cube Garden 60-F (60x30x18cm/5mm) Cube Garden 60-P (60x30x36cm/6mm) Cube Garden 90-P (90x45x45cm/10mm) Cube Garden 120-P (120x50x50cm/12mm) Cube Garden 180-P (180x60x60cm/15mm)
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