Pre-Order Terms and Conditions

Pre-order offer:
All orders above R1 500.00 qualifies for free overnight courier via The Courier Guy to any destination within the Republic of South Africa. Pre-Order prices are 10% less than the prices of stock kept at Art of Aqua. Orders above R10 000.00 will receive an additional 10% discount.

Booking confirmation:
All bookings require a 75% deposit to confirm.If a customers wishes to cancel their pre-order they will be liable for a cancellation fee of 50% of the deposit. If an order is cancelled by Art of Aqua a full refund will be issued. All deposits need to be paid by the 30th of June 2020. Please select the EFT payment option in order to adjust the total of your order to the required 75% deposit

Shipment arrival and delivery date:
The shipment will arrive on the 8th of July 2020, pre-orders will be sent out on the 22nd of July 2020 after the two week quarantine. Customers who wish to collect their shrimp in Pretoria can collect from the 22nd of July 2020.

Art of Aqua will be placing all the shrimp under quarantine for a period of two weeks, if you wish to receive your shrimp before the two-week period the DOA guarantee as provided below will not be valid.

All shrimp that have undergone out quarantine will be covered by our Dead-on Arrival policy. Any DOA shrimp will be refunded or replaced by Art of Aqua, customers will however in the case of the latter be responsible for courier costs.
To qualify for DOA the following conditions must be met:
A picture/video of the unopened bag/container and unbroken seal must be sent to Art of Aqua at within one hour of delivery or first attempted delivery.

Art of Aqua offers an extended DOA policy on higher value shrimp that are priced over R10 000.00 each. The DOA period is extended to 24 hours.

To qualify for the extended DOA the following conditions must be met.
A picture or video of the dead shrimp must be sent to Art of Aqua at within 24 hours of delivery or first attempted delivery.
A video of the process of measuring the following water conditions and the results must be sent to Art of Aqua at within 24 hours of delivery or first attempted delivery.
• PH
• GH
• KH
• Chlorine
• Ammonia
• Nitrates
• Nitrites

Date of delivery:
All orders that have undergone quarantine will be sent out on the 22nd of July 2020 via The Courier Guy overnight or local collection.

High value shrimp eligibility:
In order to be eligible to order any Sulawesi or any shrimp that has a price over R3000.00 proof of previous shrimp keeping experience must be provided. Customers who are new to shrimp keeping and would still like to purchase high value shrimp can contact us, Art of Aqua can assist with setting up shrimp tanks to enable customers to properly care for their shrimp.
Sulawesi shrimp are quite difficult to care for and should only be added to a well-established tank and whilst meeting all of their requirements. Customers who wish to order Sulawesi shrimp and do not have a tank that meets their requirements and would like some assistance with setting up a Sulawesi tank can contact Art of Aqua at or WhatsApp on 083 805 8806. 

Important Covid-19 Information

Art of Aqua can not be held liable for any delays due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Delays caused by  the Covid-19 pandemic does not provide grounds for the cancellation of orders that have already been paid. Orders that are cancelled due to Covid-19 delays  will be processed in terms of our pre-order cancellation policy.



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