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Epic Aquatics is a newly established company in South Africa located in Pretoria. Their aim is to increase the experience for the South African aquascaping community by producing and supplying a large selection of quality freshwater plants all year round. All their plants are carefully selected and monitored to ensure quality products. All the plants produced in their local greenhouse are grown emersed, meaning the plants are grown fully exposed to air. The roots and substrate are flooded with water, but there is no standing water above the stems and leaves.

Epic Aquatics (77)

Hydrocotyle tripartita

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Micranthemium sp. 'Monte Carlo'

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Echinodorus "Amazon Sword" Small (10-30cm)

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Eleocharis parvula (Dwarf Hairgrass)

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Ludwigia sp. 'Rubin'

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Plant Glue (50g)

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Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini"

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