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Yellow King Kong
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Yellow King Kong

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Yellow King Kong shrimp are stunning dwarf shrimp. They are a mutation from mixing Taiwan bee shrimp with Tiger shrimp. It is believed that they originated from a tangerine tiger and a blue bolt or black panda. The yellow king kong does breed true or at least in our experience it has.

Keep reading for everything you need to know about Yellow King Kong shrimp care and keeping Yellow King Kong shrimp in your own aquarium!

Scientific Name: Caridina cantonensis

Common Names: Yellow King Kong, King Kong, YKK, Taiwan Bee

Care Level: Medium

Breeding: Medium

Please note: All shrimps are sold as juveniles at 1cm and up.


In order to keep your Yellow King Kong shrimp healthy, water quality should always be high. Any traces of ammonia or nitrite can be deadly, so check your water values very regularly using a liquid test kit to verify the cycle is still stable. Stay on top of your water changes, as nitrates can also damage the shrimp in higher quantities. Be sure to match the new water to the old and don't change too much water at a time.

In short: water quality and stability is everything. Keep it in mind at all times if you want your Yellow King Kongs to thrive.

Water Parameters

PH Range: 5.8 - 6.8

Temperature Range: 18 - 24 Degrees Celsius

GH Range: 4 - 7

KH Range: 0 - 3

TDS: 80 - 150

Please note: TDS should only ever be used as a reference when re-mineralizing RO water.


Taiwan bee shrimp can all be kept in the same tank without any worries of ill effects due to cross-breeding. All Taiwan bee shrimp can interbreed and the offspring will remain true Taiwan bee shrimp. This is a common practice across the shrimp hobby. Although, the crossing of yellow king kong shrimp to other Taiwan bee shrimp could result in different offspring colorations rather than typical Taiwan bee colorations.


Like most shrimp, blue bolts naturally eat anything they can find. They spend much of their time picking algae and aufwuchs off every surface in the tank. Because most tanks don't contain enough nutrients for the shrimp to survive this way you should offer extra food once a day or so.


Most shrimp aren't picky when it comes to food. A high-quality shrimp food and regular variation in the form of blanched veggies, frozen foods, and pretty much anything that's green and safe should work well. Be sure to remove any uneaten foods within a few hours, as anything decaying in the aquarium can quickly cause issues with the water values.


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