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Echinodorus latifolius Tissue Culture
Echinodorus latifolius Tissue Culture
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Echinodorus latifolius Tissue Culture

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This plant has light green leaves that provide unique contrast amongst other aquatic plants. Planting them in groups will give a pleasing visual of a low-level carpet of foliage. Containing their growth is possible by planting them in pots or between stones, allowing them to be kept as individual specimens. Leaf discoloration is a sign of nutrient deficiency, so monitor the leaves for any color changes.


This plant displays an unusual adaptability, altering its leaf shape according to its environment. When placed above the water surface, its foliage will be more wide and round. Submerged, the leaves will elongate and slim. To force the plant to remain underwater, simply clip the top leaves for desired results.


When first added to the aquarium you may spot signs of decay on the outer leaves, this is nothing to worry about and is perfectly normal. To prevent having decaying leaves in the aquarium which could lower the quality, remove the outer leaves prior to planting and trim the roots to encourage new root growth.