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Vallisneria sp. 'Torta'
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Vallisneria sp. 'Torta'

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This pretty, small corkscrew Vallisneria is labeled by several water plant nurseries as "Vallisneria torta". It is probably Vallisneria asiatica var. biwaensis, but as long as its identity is unclear, we offer the plant as Vallisneria sp. "Torta". According to descriptions by the nurseries it is the smallest Vallisneria, reaching a height of just 20 cm. The leaves are light green, somewhat transparent and spirally twisted.

As well as most other Vallisnerias, "Torta" has no special demands. Moderate light intensity is sufficient. The plant propagates itself by runners. If it spreads too much, newly appearing runners can be removed.

Vallisneria sp. "Torta" looks best as a group in the midground or foreground and can also be used for nano aquariums. With its spiral, light green leaves it provides an interesting accent.

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