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Vallisneria asiatica
Vallisneria asiatica
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Vallisneria asiatica

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Vallisneria Asiatica (Vallisneria americana "Asiatica") is an aesthetically pleasing, spiral-shaped variant of the hardy and low-maintenance Jungle Vallisneria, making it an ideal choice for larger aquariums.

Its parent species is one of the most long- and often-kept plant species in the aquarium hobby due to its ease of care and durability. It is a perfect background plant that will grow all the way to the top of the aquarium and it propagates prolifically. It is one of the few plants that can tolerate brackish water, although it will not grow as quickly under these conditions.

Vallisneria asiatica is an easy-to-care-for background plant for freshwater aquariums. This species of Vallisneria is attractive and fast-growing, and its height of 0.5–1 m with leaves of 2–3 cm makes it suitable for widespread decoration within an aquarium. This hardy plant is the perfect addition to an attractive and diverse aquarium.

Care Guidelines:

  • Temperature: 18° - 28° C
  • pH: 6.0 - 9.0
  • Lighting: Moderate to High
  • Origin: Indigenous to South America and Japan, cultivated in US nurseries
  • Aquarium placement: Background
  • Care: Easy