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Dario dario (Red Scarlet Badis)
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Dario dario (Red Scarlet Badis)

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Dario dario (Scarlet Badis) is an eye-catching tropical fish from the Badidae family. In the wild, these fish inhabit the shallow streams of East India and can often be found in dense vegetation.

Since they are popularly kept in small home aquariums due to their bright orange coloring (males only), it can be difficult to find females available for purchase.

With a life expectancy of 4-6 years, Scarlet Badis are ideal for any nano freshwater tank looking to add a splash of color and are surprisingly simple to breed.

Make sure than any species you keep with Scarlet Badis are calm and peaceful. Quick movements can scare the Badis and can make them refuse to come out of shelter to feed.

Remember that these fish are micropredators so it is best to avoid any snails (like Assassin Snails) or shrimp because these will be seen as food.

Tank Parameter Requirement
Minimum Tank Size 10 Gallons for group 6 +
Tank Type Freshwater and heavily planted
Temperature 20-26°C
pH 6.5-7.5
Hardness 10 to 20 dGH
Flow Light