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Saki-Hikari Color Enhancing Koi
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Saki-Hikari Color Enhancing Koi

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Introducing Saki-Hikari Color Enhancing, a premium daily diet designed for professional use, specially formulated to provide aggressive color enhancement for your koi without compromising the pristine beauty of the shiroji. Elevate the vibrancy and brilliance of your koi's colors with this uniquely blended formulation, setting a new standard for excellent form and championship-grade color.

Key Features:

  1. Unique Formulation: A carefully blended mix of proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, and fats, offering your koi an exceptional combination for optimal form and vivid color enhancement. This formulation is meticulously crafted to give your koi their best chance at achieving championship-grade color.

  2. Manufactured to Exacting Standards: Produced in our state-of-the-art facilities, Saki-Hikari Color Enhancing is crafted to our exacting standards, providing benefits that go beyond what standard koi diets can offer.

  3. Color Enhancement without Compromise: Witness vivid enhancement of the Hiban (red areas) without any negative impact on the Shiroji (white areas). Your koi will display brilliant luster and consistent growth, free from the potential for internal fat-deposit buildup.

  4. Optimal Benefits with Exclusive Daily Diet: Saki-Hikari is most effective when used as an exclusive daily diet. The benefits of the Hikari-Germ™ are maximized with uninterrupted feeding. Avoiding intermittent feeding or mixing with other foods ensures optimal benefits.

  5. Temperature-Sensitive Formula: For best results, use Saki-Hikari Color Enhancing when water temperatures consistently exceed 18°C (64°F). Adjust feeding according to the activity level of your koi, as more active fish require increased nutrition.

Feeding Guidelines:

  • Carefully feed an amount your fish will consume within a few minutes, considering water temperature, pond condition, and fish activity level. Avoid overfeeding and remove any uneaten food after the feeding period.

Recommended Usage:

Saki-Hikari Color Enhancing is highly recommended as a daily diet for:

  • All championship-grade koi
  • Koi with championship potential requiring assistance in developing their natural beauty and color.

Transform your koi into stunning aquatic masterpieces with Saki-Hikari Color Enhancing – the ultimate choice for those who demand excellence in koi nutrition.