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RSK -Metal Net Inflow
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RSK -Metal Net Inflow

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Introducing our Aquarium Metal Net Inflow, available in two sizes (12mm and 16mm), designed to provide superior protection for your young fry and small shrimp while enhancing the overall health of your aquarium.

Key Features:

  1. Size Options: Choose the perfect fit for your aquarium with our metal net inflow, available in two sizes - 12mm and 16mm.

  2. Enhanced Protection: Protect your young fry and small shrimp from accidental suction into the filter. The metal net acts as a barrier, ensuring the safety of your delicate aquatic inhabitants.

  3. Effective Particle and Debris Filtration: The fine stainless steel mesh effectively traps particles and debris, preventing them from circulating in the water and promoting a cleaner, healthier aquatic environment.

  4. Biological Filtration Boost: Beyond mechanical filtration, our metal net inflow enhances biological filtration by providing a surface for beneficial bacteria to thrive. This contributes to the overall balance and well-being of your aquarium ecosystem.

  5. High-Quality Stainless Steel: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, our metal net inflow is rust-resistant, durable, and safe for both your fish and the aquatic environment.

  6. Easy Installation: Installing the metal net inflow is a breeze, ensuring a secure fit in your aquarium setup. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your young fry and small shrimp are protected without compromising water flow.