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Petrified Wood (100g)
Petrified Wood (100g)
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Petrified Wood (100g)

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Bring the timeless beauty of ancient forests into your aquarium with our Petrified Wood Stone. This spectacular aquascaping material is fossilized wood that has turned to stone over millions of years, preserving the intricate details of the wood's grain. Each piece tells a unique story and adds a touch of prehistoric elegance to any aquatic setup.

Key Features:

  • Natural Historical Beauty: Petrified Wood Stone features the fascinating patterns and textures of ancient wood, beautifully preserved in stone form.
  • Diverse Color Range: From deep browns to subtle reds and even occasional hints of green or blue, these stones offer a palette that complements any aquascape design.
  • Aquarium Safe: Our Petrified Wood Stone is carefully treated to ensure it is completely safe for all types of aquarium environments, without affecting the water parameters.
  • Support for Plant Life: The textured surface and stable structure make it an excellent base for aquatic plants, allowing roots to anchor effectively.
  • Available in Various Sizes: Whether you are setting up a small tank or a large aquarium, our Petrified Wood Stone comes in sizes that can accommodate any space and design preference.


  • Enhanced Visual Appeal: The intricate details and varied colors of Petrified Wood Stone add depth and complexity to your aquascape, creating a captivating visual experience.
  • Eco-Friendly: Sourced responsibly to ensure environmental sustainability, our Petrified Wood Stone allows you to beautify your aquarium without harming the planet.
  • Long-Lasting Durability: Being stone, it withstands the aquatic environment without deterioration, ensuring your aquascape remains unchanged over time.

Ideal For: Aquarists and aquascaping enthusiasts who want to infuse their setups with a historical and natural aesthetic. Petrified Wood Stone is perfect for creating themed aquascapes that mimic ancient riverbeds or forested landscapes.

Embrace the grandeur of the earth’s past with our Petrified Wood Stone, and transform your aquarium into a captivating window to ancient times.