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Myanmar Petrified Wood (100g)
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Myanmar Petrified Wood (100g)

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Enhance your aquascaping with the exquisite Myanmar Petrified Wood Stone. Sourced from the ancient woodlands of Myanmar, this stone is a stunning testament to natural history, transforming wood into stone through the fossilization process over millions of years. Perfect for creating breathtaking, naturalistic underwater landscapes, each piece features unique textures and colors that echo the beauty of ancient forests.

Key Features:

  • Unique Textural Details: Myanmar Petrified Wood Stone showcases the detailed textures of wood grain, preserved in stone, giving each piece a unique and natural appearance.
  • Rich Color Variations: Exhibiting a spectrum of earthy tones, from deep browns to vibrant reds and subtle oranges, these stones add a warm and inviting feel to any aquascape.
  • Aquarium Safe: Thoroughly treated to ensure safety for all aquatic life, these stones do not affect the water’s pH or hardness.
  • Supports Plant Growth: The rough surface provides an ideal anchor for aquatic plants, allowing roots to grip firmly for optimal growth.
  • Varied Sizes Available: Catering to diverse aquascaping needs, these stones come in a range of sizes, suitable for everything from small tanks to expansive aquariums.


  • Visual Depth and Intrigue: The unique patterns and colorations of the Myanmar Petrified Wood Stone add depth and visual interest to your aquascape, creating a focal point that captivates viewers.
  • Long-Lasting and Durable: Highly resistant to aquatic decay, these stones maintain their beauty and structure without eroding over time.

Ideal For: Aquascaping enthusiasts and professionals looking to incorporate a piece of geological and botanical history into their designs. Myanmar Petrified Wood Stone is particularly suited for creating themes that reflect ancient, untouched landscapes.

Create a timeless underwater scene in your aquarium with Myanmar Petrified Wood Stone, where each piece brings the silent, enduring beauty of nature to life.