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Mini Orchid - Dendrobium (Baby Angel)
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Mini Orchid - Dendrobium (Baby Angel)

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The Mini-Orchid Dendrobium Angel Baby is a petite warmth-tolerant nobile dendrobium, reaching a height of under 12 inches. Abundant, delightfully fragrant flowers adorned with vibrant lime green accents make this orchid a charming addition. Mature plants can bloom more than once a year. The compact size allows it to seamlessly integrate into any collection, making it ideal for windowsills and under-lights cultivation. A must-have for collections, regardless of size.

Care Guidelines:

  • Lighting: Medium to high lighting, preferably RGB or windowsill exposure.
  • Watering: Drench once a week, with a light spray every 2 to 3 days; DOOA Wabi mist is recommended.
  • Planting: Attach to rocks or wood using Dooa Terra line, Terra tape, or Epic plant glue.

Perfectly suited for terrariums, paludariums, and vivariums, the roots easily adhere to wood and rocks using ADA DOOA Terra Tape and Terra line. While potting is an option, success requires the correct growth medium, substrate, and nutrients. Ensure thorough research before purchasing, selecting plants suitable for your intended environment to maximize the enjoyment of your new addition.

A crucial note: This Mini Orchid is exceptionally small in size, which adds to its uniqueness. Familiarize yourself with the dimensions of Mini orchids to prevent any disappointment.