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Melanotaenia boesemani (Rainbow boesemani)
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Melanotaenia boesemani (Rainbow boesemani)

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The Melanotaenia boesemani, commonly known as Boeseman's rainbowfish, is a species of freshwater fish native to West Papua in Indonesia. Here are some key characteristics:

  1. Type of Fish:

    • Boeseman's rainbowfish belongs to the family Melanotaeniidae and is part of the rainbowfish group.
    • It is a popular aquarium fish due to its vibrant colors and active behavior.
  2. Color:

    • One of the most distinctive features of Melanotaenia boesemani is its striking and vibrant coloration.
    • Males are more colorful than females, displaying a range of colors including blue, green, yellow, orange, and red.
    • The colors intensify during courtship and breeding.
  3. Temperament:

    • Boeseman's rainbowfish is generally considered to be peaceful. However, like many other rainbowfish, they can be a bit skittish, especially if not keptin a school.
    • It's recommended to keep them in groups to reduce stress and encourage their natural schooling behavior.
    • They usually get along well with other peaceful community fish.
  4. Diet:

    • In the wild, Boeseman's rainbowfish is omnivorous, feeding on a variety of small invertebrates, insects, and algae.
    • In captivity, they can be fed a balanced diet that includes high-quality flake food, pellets, live or frozen foods like brine shrimp, daphnia, and bloodworms.
    • Providing a varied diet helps maintain their health and enhances their coloration.
  5. Tank Requirements:

    • Boeseman's rainbowfish does best in a well-planted aquarium with plenty of swimming space.
    • They prefer slightly acidic to neutral water with a temperature range of 77-82°F (25-28°C).
    • Adequate filtration and regular water changes are important for maintaining good water quality.