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Lobelia cardinalis
Lobelia cardinalis
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Lobelia cardinalis

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Lobelia cardinalis - Cardinal Flower:

Key Characteristics:

  1. Leaf Structure: Stem plant with roundish leaves.
  2. Growth Rate: Medium-fast growth, reaching about 10-30 cm tall and 5-10 cm wide.
  3. Demands: No high demands, making it suitable for a variety of aquarium setups.
  4. Native Habitat: Originally found in the eastern and central regions of the United States on moist ground alongside rivulets, ponds, and road ditches.
  5. Flowering Form: Terrestrial form with splendid scarlet bell-shaped flowers.
  6. Aquascape Style: A classical plant in Dutch-style tanks, suitable for hedges or dense groups.

Cultivation and Care:

  1. Lighting: Moderate lighting is recommended, with higher wattage resulting in more compact, lusher growth.
  2. CO2 Injection: Not necessary but recommendable for strong and healthy growth.
  3. Fertilization: Regular doses of liquid fertilizers contribute to overall size. Nitrate levels of 10-20 mg/l, phosphate levels of 1-2 mg/l, along with sufficient micronutrients and iron lead to fast, vital growth.
  4. Lateral Shoots: Thrives under conditions where it can produce many lateral shoots.
  5. Root Growth: Tends to grow a large number of white roots on stem nodes, which can be managed by careful trimming.
  6. Trimming: Trimming is done by cutting off shoot tips, which can be re-planted. Gradually shortening the intervals between trimmings can create a "plant street."

Aquascape Usage:

  1. Size and Form: Well-controllable height and rather slow growth make it suitable for Dutch-style Leiden tanks.
  2. Layout Style: Excellent choice for creating formal layouts, such as "plant streets," due to its unique leaf structure and size.

Care Tips:

  1. Lighting Control: Adjusting lighting conditions can influence the plant's growth form.
  2. Fertilization Routine: Consistent nutrient dosing, particularly with nitrates, phosphates, micronutrients, and iron, supports optimal growth.
  3. Trimming Technique: Careful trimming helps manage white root growth and encourages lateral shoots.

Lobelia cardinalis is a versatile and visually appealing plant that brings a touch of natural elegance to aquariums. Its adaptability and ease of care make it a great choice for both beginners and experienced aquascapers, particularly those aiming for a Dutch-style layout.