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Limnophila aquatica
Limnophila aquatica
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Limnophila aquatica

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Limnophila aquatica - Giant Ambulia:

Key Characteristics:

  1. Common Name: Giant Ambulia.
  2. Leaf Structure: Gorgeous fine-leaved stem plant with finely branched, light green leaves.
  3. Growth Form: Forms horizontal side shoots in good light, creating an attractive and bushy appearance.
  4. Size: Can grow up to 25-50 cm long with individual stems reaching up to 15 cm in width.
  5. Origin: Native to tropical Asia, specifically India and Sri Lanka.

Cultivation and Care:

  1. Growing Conditions: Thrives in the right conditions with added CO2 and a nutrient-rich substrate.
  2. Growth Rate: Fast-growing under optimal conditions.
  3. Lighting: Flourishes with good lighting, forming horizontal side shoots in well-lit environments.
  4. CO2 and Nutrients: Benefits from CO2 injection and a nutrient-rich environment. Liquid fertilizers can be used for nutrient supplementation.
  5. Grouping: Most decorative when planted in small groups, especially in spacious tanks.
  6. Emersed Growth: In open aquariums, it may send emersed shoots above the water surface, producing white flowers with purple or violet blotches.
  7. Contrast: The fine-structured light green leaves provide a striking contrast against other plants.

Aquascape Usage:

  1. Aesthetic Value: Extremely beautiful with a bushy look, particularly when several stems are planted together.
  2. Tank Size: Best suited for large and spacious tanks due to its potential size.
  3. Flowering: In open tanks, it may produce shoots with small blue flowers above the waterline, adding an extra dimension to the aquascape.

Care Tips:

  1. Group Planting: Presenting it in a group enhances its visual appeal.
  2. Nutrient Supply: While not highly demanding, it develops best with CO2 injection and a nutrient-rich substrate or liquid fertilizers.
  3. Lighting Requirements: Providing sufficient light encourages horizontal growth and the development of lateral shoots.