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L128 - Blue Phantom Pleco (Hemiancistrus sp.)
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L128 - Blue Phantom Pleco (Hemiancistrus sp.)

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The Blue Phantom Plecostomus originates from the rapids of the Rio Orinoco in Venezuela and even further downstream. The Pleco’s broad flat head and body shape helps it navigate (or stay put) in very strong currents with minimal effort. With its overall muted blue coloration and lighter colored polka dots, this visually alluring algae eater makes a great choice for freshwater hobbyists in search of unusual aquarium inhabitants.

Recommended  Tank Parameters:

Temperature: 25-30°C

Ph: 5.5-7.0

Minimum Tank Size: 90l

Care Information

Lifespan: 12-15 years

Habitat: Plenty of hiding spots in the form of caves or driftwood is needed. The males are territorial over their chosen cave or hiding spot and comes out every now and then for food or to attract close by females.

Diet: Omnivorous, will eat most sinking bottom dwellers pellets such as algae wafers, spirulina wafers. They also enjoy a variety of veggies such as green beans, zucchini and cucumber.

Temperament: Peaceful.

Adult Size: 15-18cm

Selling Size: 7-9cm