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Punktol Plus 125 (White Spot) - 100ml
Punktol Plus 125 (White Spot) - 100ml
Punktol Plus 125 (White Spot) - 100ml
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Punktol Plus 125 (White Spot) - 100ml

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About 90 % of all fish diseases can be put down to a weakening of the fish’s immune system. This means the application of remedies can fight the pathogen but doesn’t generally eliminate the cause. It is therefore very important to determine the cause.
As soon as the first signs of disease become noticeable IMMEDIATE action is required. In most cases, people wait too long. Example: as soon as the smallest “spot” becomes visible, treatment needs to start. Waiting too long leads to that one little spot (white spot disease) coming off the fish’s skin, falling to the bottom and, after a capsule formation, releasing 1000 new spot pathogens, which increase the likelihood of infection spreading to all the other aquarium inhabitants.

This is a parasite from the group of the Ciliates, which can be killed off quickly and safely with JBL Punktol Plus 125 or JBL Punktol Plus 250. No medication can kill the parasite directly off the fish because the parasite is “protected” by the fish’s mucous membrane.

This parasite has a life cycle notable for having several stages during which it cannot be killed. Only during a free floating "swarm out" phase is a successful elimination possible. We therefore recommend you raise the water temperature by 3 °C (do not raise the water temperature over 30 °C). This causes the life cycle to be accelerated, which in turn considerably improves the chances of catching the parasite in a vulnerable swarm out phase!

Prior to use, any activated carbon needs to be removed from the filter, UV-C appliances and CO2 fertilisation should be switched off and, in salt water, skimmers and ozonisers are also to be switched off. 50 % of the water should be changed prior to application. The tank should be aerated with a diaphragm pump with an air stone during the treatment. JBL Punktol Plus should generally be added in the morning and the animals observed.

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