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Float Valve (Bracket and ball valve incl)
Float Valve (Bracket and ball valve incl)
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Float Valve (Bracket and ball valve incl)

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Float valves are simple to install and can save a lot of water from ending up on the floor. They can be installed in containers as small 5 liter buckets, sumps, and 750l Jojo tanks to shut off the flow of water. Even if you do not have a large storage container a simple bucket with a float valve installed in it will help save money from having water end up on the floor or best case scenario just going down the drain.


Float valves are used to shut down your reverse osmosis system when the float is elevated. Float valves are typically installed on containers like large plastic food-grade trash cans or other containers. Installation is as easy as either drilling a small hole in the container, sliding the float in, and attaching using the included nut or by making use of the included bracket.

  • 1/4" tubing inlet and free-flow outlet
  • Suitable for containers with up to 5mm wall thickness
  • Comes complete with a float valve, seals, bracket, and a ball valve for 1/4'' tubing.
  • Bracket made from corrosion-free acrylic.
  • Bodies made of PVC.