• Diamante Paludariums
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Diamante Paludariums

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30x25x9/26 45x30x11/30 60x40x13/40 90x45x15/45 120x50x15/50 150x50x15/50

Paludariums offer the best of both worlds and allow us to still experience a magical underwater world whilst giving us an opportunity to appreciate terrestrial plants that we have often wanted in our aquariums just to see these plants melt away after a couple of months because these plants can not survive in a completely submersed environment.

Paludariums made from low-iron glass referred to in the industry as Starfire or Diamante does not have the usual green shade found in normal glass. The reduced iron content in the glass results in a sharper look. In essence, a low-iron paludarium would be the high definition version of aquariums made from normal glass.

LED light not included.