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Complete CO2 System (Empty Cylinder)

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Please Note: Full cylinders are only available in-store or for online orders with in-store collection. In terms of the rules set forth by the courier companies individuals or companies are not permitted to courier filled pressurised cylinders such as filled CO2 Cylinders. If you wish to purchase a combo set with an already filled cylinder for in-store collection please follow the link below:

The AQUAPRO CO2 System Combo, the ultimate solution for precision and control in enhancing your aquarium's environment. This comprehensive system combines the advanced AQUAPRO CO2 Regulator with a choice of diffusers and CO2 cylinders, tailored to meet the specific needs of your aquatic setup, whether it's a small, intimate tank or a large, vibrant aquatic ecosystem.

Combo Includes:

  • AQUAPRO CO2 Regulator: At the heart of this system lies our flagship dual stage, dual gauge regulator, featuring a motorized switch and digital timer for unmatched precision in CO2 delivery. Designed for reliability and ease of use, it ensures your aquatic plants thrive in an optimal environment.

  • Choice of AQUAPRO Diffuser (S, M, or L): Tailor your CO2 distribution with our selection of high-quality diffusers.

    • S (Small): Ideal for tanks up to 150 liters, ensuring fine, even distribution of CO2 in smaller setups.
    • M (Medium): Perfect for tanks between 150 to 250 liters, offering a balanced diffusion rate for medium-sized aquariums.
    • L (Large): Designed for tanks over 250 liters, this diffuser provides ample CO2 distribution for larger aquatic environments. Each diffuser is engineered to dissolve CO2 efficiently, ensuring your plants receive the nutrients they need without disturbing the aesthetic or the inhabitants of your tank.
  • CO2 Cylinder Option (2L or 4L): Choose the right size for your setup to ensure a continuous supply of CO2.

    • 2L Cylinder: Compact and perfect for smaller setups or those with limited space, providing a reliable CO2 source without frequent refills.
    • 4L Cylinder: Ideal for larger tanks or for aquarists seeking longer intervals between refills, ensuring your aquatic environment remains consistent and flourishing.
  • AQUAPRO CO2 Tubing (2m): Specifically designed for high-efficiency CO2 distribution in aquariums. Made from durable, CO2-resistant material, it ensures a secure and leak-proof connection between your CO2 system components. 
  • Non-Return Valve: Extra piece of mind to prevent back-flow of aquarium water into your regulator.

Key Benefits:

  • Customizability: With options to select the diffuser size and CO2 cylinder volume, this combo can be tailored to fit any tank size and plant density, offering flexibility and efficiency in one package.
  • Precision and Control: The advanced regulator with a motorized switch and digital timer allows for precise adjustments and automated CO2 dosing, creating an ideal environment for plant growth and aquatic life.
  • Reliability and Durability: Crafted from high-quality materials, each component of the combo is designed for long-term use and reliability, ensuring your aquatic setup thrives.

Whether you're setting up a new tank or upgrading your existing aquatic environment, the AQUAPRO CO2 System Combo provides everything you need for a lush, vibrant aquarium. With easy installation and operation, alongside customizable options for diffuser size and CO2 capacity, this combo is the perfect choice for aquarists seeking precision, efficiency, and outstanding results.