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Bucephalandra sp. 'Centipede'
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Bucephalandra sp. 'Centipede'

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"Centipede" is a relativ small Bucephalandra form that features long-creeping growth. When it sits in an elevated place, the slender rhizomes also tend to grow downwards. Its exact locality and species belonging is unknown to us, but as all Bucephalandras, it occurs on rock along streams in Borneo. We propagate this Bucephalandra form in our aquaria for more than one year.
The rather soft leaves are with stalk about 2,5 cm long and 8 mm wide. They have an elongate shape, slightly wavy margins and a blunt tip. They have brown-green tones, young leaves are light brown-red.

As well as other Bucephalandra forms, it is best used as epiphyte on rock or wood, however it can also be fixed to the ground, provided that the rhizome is not buried. It is easily propagated by cuttings. Medium lighting, good CO2 and nutrient supply and water current are recommendable.

With its long, slender, horizontal to hanging rhizomes and loose growth habit, Bucephalandra sp. "Centipede" provides interesting possibilities for the planting of the hardscape. It is also small enough to fit into nano aquariums.