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Bucephalandra sp. 'Belindae'
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Bucephalandra sp. 'Belindae'

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This extremely narrow-leaved Bucephalandra is one of the most delicate, beautiful species. Bucephalandra belindae was scientifically described in 2014. Before that, it entered the rarity trade as "Fake Catherineae", but also other Bucephalandras are labeled with this name. Until now, the species is only recorded from one place near Nanga Pinoh in Kalimantan (Borneo). There it grows with hanging stems on granite rock in waterfalls in the rainforest. It is still very rare as aquarium plant, not least because of its very low propagation rate. We propagate this species for about two years in our aquariums.
Bucephalandra belindae has linear leaves with wavy margins. The leaves are more or less horizontally arranged along a slender, branched rhizome that grows horizontally as well. Our plant develops about 3 to 4,5 cm long, 2,5 to 3 mm wide leaves.

As well as virtually all Bucephalandras, it is best fastened on rock or wood where it will attach itself by its roots. For its aquarium culture, medium lighting, constant CO2 and nutrient supply as well as good water current are beneficial.

Due to its small size and low, creeping habit, Bucephalandra belindae is a very interesting plant for the hardscape of delicate small-scale aquascapes.