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Bucephalandra sp. 'Alamanda V1 Blue'
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Bucephalandra sp. 'Alamanda V1 Blue'

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This very decorative Bucephalandra form is produced in an Indonesian nursery under the trading name "Alamanda V1 Blue". Its exact origin and species belonging is unknown to us, but as well as all Bucephalandras, it originates from Borneo island, growing as a rheophyte (adapted to strong current) on rock in the flood zone of rainforest streams. Its lanceolate leaves are about 4 cm long; the leaf edge is wavy, the leaf stalks very short. Submerged plants develop dark tones with blueish shine.

Bucephalandra species and forms are primarily epiphytes on rock or wood where they attach themselves by their roots. They can also be fixed to the bottom, however the rhizome must not be buried to avoid rotting. The plant will root on its own and benefit from the nutrients in the substrate. The growth is generally slow to very slow.
Bucephalandras cope with poor light conditions, however they develop their most beautiful look with medium lighting, good water current and constant nutrient and CO2 supply. They also tolerate strong lighting, sufficient CO2 and nutrient supply provided. The favourable temperature range is about 20 to 27°C.
We recommend to put Bucephalandras into already cycled aquariums. It is best to leave the plants in peace so they can grow. Sudden changes of parameters may lead to shedding of leaves, normally, however, the plants regrow slowly and produce new shoots on the rhizome. Bucephalandras are easily propagated by cutting terminal and side shoots that also promotes the ramification of the plant.