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Art of Aqua - Soft Water Mineral

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The best locally produced minerals or shrimp. We researched and developed the Art of Aqua Shrimp Minerals for almost 2 years to make sure that our formula provides all the essential minerals that shrimp require to thrive in your aquarium. 

Our shrimp minerals also contain trace amounts of micronutrients to help maintain and promote aquarium plant and moss growth in your aquarium. The amount of micronutrients have been meticulously researched and calculated to ensure that it will not have a negative effect on your shrimp but will still help to make your aquariums plants and mosses look their best.

The Art of Aqua Gh+ Mineral was specifically developed for keeping Caridina shrimps such as Bee shrimp, Taiwan Bee shrimp, and their derivatives.

Use Art of Aqua Gh+ Mineral to re-mineralize RO, RO-DI, rain, or borehole water in order to reach a total hardness (Gh) of 5-6˚dH add one even full spoon (approximately 1g) of Art of Aqua Gh+ Mineral to 6 liters of water (measuring spoon included).

Never mix Art of Aqua Gh+ Mineral directly into the aquarium, use a container to prepare water before adding to the aquarium.

Sufficient for approximately 1200l.