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Caridina multidentata (Amano Shrimp)
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Caridina multidentata (Amano Shrimp)

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The Amano Shrimp often considered the second most popular freshwater shrimp next to the Cherry Shrimp. The name Amano Shrimp originates from the world-famous aquarist Takashi Amano who frequently used the shrimp in his aquariums as algae eaters. This shrimp has become well known because it is considered to be great algae eaters, in later years we have found that shrimp such as Cherry Shrimp are actually more proficient at algae eating.

Scientific Name: Caridina multidentata

Common Names: Amano Shrimp; Yamato Shrimp

Care Level: Easy

Breeding: Hard


The Amano Shrimp is low demanding when it comes to care. They are hardy shrimp that does well both in groups and on their own. They will spend the days both in hiding and out in the open exploring for food. A planted tank will benefit Amano shrimp and all shrimp in general, as plants provide a location for microorganisms to grow thus providing natural food for your shrimp.

Amano shrimp do best with a slow-medium current, well-oxygenated water and as always be careful with Ammonia spikes, high Nitrate levels, and always avoid copper.

Water Parameters

PH Range: 6.5 - 7.5

Temperature Range: 21 - 27 Degrees Celsius

GH Range: 5 - 15

KH Range: 1 - 10

TDS: 80 - 450

Please note: TDS should only ever be used as a reference when re-mineralizing RO water.


If unsure use the old motto: "If it can fit it in its mouth then it could be dangerous" Any fish can also nip at a shrimp until it dies, which is a huge red flag if you see it happening in your tank.


The Amano Shrimp is generally easy to feed. It is often referred to not as "Amano Shrimp" but more commonly as "Algae Eating Shrimp". Caridina multidentata have a reputation for being amazing aquarium cleaners. They enjoy feeding on most forms of soft algae. Live Aquarium plants will provide microorganisms and always shed/give off edible plant matter that would otherwise accumulate in or on top of your substrate if not for the Amano Shrimp. Amano shrimp are very opportunistic feeders while supplemental feeding with shrimp-specific foods is recommended, it is not always required.


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