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ADA - Scrophulariaceae limnophilla labeled as Scrophulariaceae sp. tissue culture

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Scrophulariaceae Limnophila Sp is a very rare aquatic stem plant with little information known about it. Very similar to Limnophila Mini Vietnam, Scrophulariaceae Limnophila Sp is a low-growing aquatic stem plant that does not grow tall like most aquatic stem plants such as Rotala and Ludwigia species. This unique growing pattern makes this aquarium plant suitable for mid-ground placement in a planted aquarium tank. Although Scrophulariaceae Limnophila Sp does not grow tall and out of control, it will still need adequate aquarium led lighting, CO2 injection and nutrient-dense aquarium soil to grow well. Consistent trims will yield a bushy effect that is sought after by planted tank enthusiasts. 

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