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Gravel Cleaner with Pump (Batteries not included)
Gravel Cleaner with Pump (Batteries not included)
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Gravel Cleaner with Pump (Batteries not included)

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These electronic gravel cleaners are great for cleaning your aquarium. The gravel cleaner can be used as a vacuum to suck up debris and dirt and filter the water through the included mesh bag back into the aquarium. This is very useful if aquarists would like to clean their substrate or a bare bottom tank but do not necessarily want to do a water change. The mesh bag can also be replaced with the included pipe allowing the gravel cleaner to be used as a siphon for easy water changes. 

  • Dual power supply mode.
  •  Freely adjust the different lengths. 
  • Can gravel, siphon the fish excreta, and other dirt out effectively.
  •  Great for complete aquarium cleaning or quick spot maintenance.

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