• Diamante Aquariums
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Diamante Aquariums

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40 Cube 60 Cube 90 Long 120 Long 120 Long XL 150 Long 150 Long XL 180 Long 180 Long XL

Aquariums are the windows through which we view a magical underwater world. Aquariums made from low-iron glass referred to in the industry as Starfire or Diamante does not have the usual green shade found in normal glass. The reduced iron content in the glass results in a sharper look. In essence, a low-iron aquarium would be the high definition version of aquariums made from normal glass.

We have the following aquarium sizes available on pre-order:

 Aquarium Dimensions (cm) Glass Thickness (mm) Volume (l)
40 Cube 40x40x40 8 64
60 Cube 60x60x60 12 214
90 Long 90x45x45 10 182
120 Long 120x50x50 12 300
120 Long XL 120x60x60 12 432
150 Long 150x50x50 12 375
150 Long XL 150x60x60 15 540
180 Long 180x50x50 15 450
180 Long XL 180x60x60 19 648
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