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Nannostomus eques (Hockey Stock Pencilfish)
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Nannostomus eques (Hockey Stock Pencilfish)

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Introducing the Hockey Stock Pencilfish, a charming addition to any aquarium. This quiet and sedate species thrives in heavily-planted tanks alongside gentle companions. Floating plants offer a sense of security, and dim lighting is beneficial for their well-being. Sporting a unique head-up swimming style, they spend their days among plants and branches, foraging for minuscule prey with their forward-facing mouths.

Characterized by a diurnal color pattern, these fish exhibit mesmerizing dashes of color during darkness. Males, slender and brightly finned, are known to engage in mild challenges without causing harm. Hockey Stock Pencilfish readily spawn, though they require very soft, acidic water conditions. They are carnivorous by nature, enjoying prepared foods and relishing live treats such as wingless fruit flies.

Size Grows to 5cm

Water parameters for Pencilfish Soft (less than 4 dGH), slightly acid (pH below 7.0), temperature 23-28°C .

For spawning, the water must be softer (around 2 dGH) and pH 6.0 or lower.