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L168 - Butterfly Pleco (Dekeyseria brachyuru)
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L168 - Butterfly Pleco (Dekeyseria brachyuru)

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The Butterfly Pleco, as it's called, is one of the most striking Plecos around. It's easily confused with L52 from the Orinoco, but the real deal, L168 from Rio Negro, has even stronger markings and more contrast than its Colombian sibling form. Fairly easy to keep, small size, a decent algae eater and good looks make it a perfect aquarium fish.

Recommended  Tank Parameters:

Temperature: 25-28°C

Ph: 5.6-7.0

Minimum Tank Size: 90l

Care Information

Habitat: This species needs well-oxygenated water, preferably with a high degree of movement. Provide lots of cover in the form of driftwood roots and branches, and if you wish, smooth rocks and plants. If kept in a more general setup, it won’t thrive in cool or poorly oxygenated water.

Diet: Omnivorous with leaning more towards veggies. Most sinking bottom dwellers pellets such as algae wafers, spirulina wafers. They also enjoy a variety of veggies such as green beans, zucchini, and cucumber.

Temperament: Works great with any fish that requires the same water parameters.

Adult Size: 14cm

Selling Size: 5-7cm