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Hypancistrus sp. L471 (Dwarf Snowball Pleco)
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Hypancistrus sp. L471 (Dwarf Snowball Pleco)

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Meet the captivating L471 White Spotted Dwarf Hypancistrus Pleco, affectionately known as the Mini Snowball Pleco. As a petite member of the Loricariidae family hailing from South America, this species boasts a striking appearance with a solid black body adorned in luminous white polka dots. At maturity, it attains a modest body size of approximately 6 cm, making it a delightful addition to any aquarium.

Renowned for its tranquil demeanor and straightforward care requirements, the Snowball Pleco is an ideal choice for novice aquarists seeking a charming aquatic companion. In its natural habitat, characterized by rocky formations replete with myriad crevices and caves, this pleco thrives amidst such intricate landscapes.

The moniker "Hypancistrus" derives from the fusion of the Greek prefix "hypo," denoting "less than," and "ancistrus," referencing the reduced dentition observed within this genus. This fascinating creature combines allure with ease of care, promising enthusiasts an enchanting addition