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Cryptocoryne lingua
Cryptocoryne lingua
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Cryptocoryne lingua

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Cryptocoryne lingua comes from Borneo, where it grows in freshwater areas near the coast, but sheltered from saltwater. It forms succulent, bright green stalks and leaves, which are tongue shaped. These leaves are 0.8” - 2.8” in length, and 0.4” - 1.4” in width. They feature some yellow and purple colors as well. Lingua grows slowly, and will not survive if constantly submerged. It grows best emerged, and with coarse sand as a substrate. The ground temperature should not differ much from the water temperature, since this plant will not grow well in ground that is too cold.

Due to its short height, this plant naturally fits in the foreground of an aquarium. It is propagated simply enough, as it will produce daughter plants within 1-3 weeks, which can be separated and replanted.

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