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ADA - Rotala sp. Ceylon Tissue Culture Small Cup
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ADA - Rotala sp. Ceylon Tissue Culture Small Cup

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Rotala sp. 'Ceylon' was originally introduced from Sri Lanka (Ceylon). R. sp. 'Pink' since about 2012 This pretty Rotala form was often used by Takashi Amano for his aquascapes. Since about 2012 it is also called Rotala sp. 'Pink', however, this name is also used for a different Rotala rotundifolia variant. In its submerged form, 'Ceylon' differs from "normal" Rotala rotundifolia by a looser, lighter growth habit. The stems are thinner, darker colored, and tend to grow upward in wide spirals. The internodes are relatively long, the leaves are light green with pink lower side. Under lots of light, the shoot tips can assume light-reddish hues.

The Ceylon Rotala is as easy to care for as "standard" Rotala rotundifolia. It is recommendable as a bush in the midground to the background.

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