• ADA - Rotala macrandra sp. 'mini' tissue culture
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ADA - Rotala macrandra sp. 'mini' tissue culture

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'Mini' is one of several Rotala macrandra selections with small leaves. This form is probably identical to Rotala macrandra 'Butterfly'. It develops small, narrow, slightly wavy submerged leaves that may take on intense red tones, strong lighting provided. The upright growing stems are densely set with leaves.

As well as other variants of the South Indian species Rotala macrandra, 'Mini' is somewhat demanding. A rather strong light, low carbonate hardness, CO2 addition and complete nutrient supply on a regular basis via the water column are recommendable. Like other stem plants, this Rotala can be propagated by stem cuttings.

Rotala macrandra 'Mini' is a delicate and likewise colorful stem plant that looks best as a group in the aquarium midground. With its small leaves, it is also suited for nano tanks.

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